SPD to CIE LAB, Visual Density & sRGB


Spectral Power Distribution to CIELAB, Visual Density and sRGB

This tool allows you to convert from ​​SPD values to CIELAB, visual density and sRGB.
It is very useful to calculate the visual density through low-cost spectrophotometers as X-RITE ColorMunki


You can only use the following ranges of values, separated by commas:

  • 410-730nm in 33 steps1
  • 380-730nm in 36 steps2

1This range is common of applications such as Spotread of ArgyllCMS
2 This range is common of applications and tools of X-Rite as ColorMunki or Photo ColorPicker

The spectral values ​​must be expressed in hundredths. If you are using ArgyllCMS you need activate the option '/100'